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Indigloo is a growing free website builder that provides a platform for common people to create their own web sites. By common people I am trying to refer those people who have absolutely no knowledge on internet based technologies. It aims two things at the same time. It combines the power of web and simplicity of using. Your website can take any shape or size. What Indigloo users can do to organize the website? Almost anything.

Indigloo Builder allows people to add text,image,videos and maps easily.Indigloo provides advanced features like standard grid system to divide areas,power to move contents over one another, ability to create multilevel menus,Place holder for meta tags and keywords for each page etc. And the good thing is, features are not restricted for free users. If you are trying to work out some earning over the internet you may be happy to learn that Indigloo’s main target audience is individuals,businesses and people who want to earn from google adsense program.Its very easy to understand and use for novice users.It makes having a site of any nature a true possibility for everybody.

After starting the Indigloo website creation users can do all the necessary things to decorate it with essential elements. They can create posts with a visual editor, add photos upto 2 mb, add videos, creating forms using form builder, add HTML code like google maps or other gadgets, add wiki posts for Items like the wikipedia and add grids To split the content into sections. So you may earn the power to organize a site according to your plan.

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