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Brinkster is one of the bold and confident website builders that has proclaimed money back guarantee if you choose them to build the web site. They offer a 90 day money back guarantee because according to them, they are confident that you will be satisfied with the services. At Brinkster you can buy with confidence, knowing that you are getting a 90 days risk free trial. Well, this declaration may not seem a thrilling one at a glance because a lots of others are saying exactly the same phrase. But as the trial is free, then it deserves to be tested,

Over the last few years Brinkster has earned the respect from their clients. The website builder has the capacity, knowledge, and scalability to meet your entity’s needs. Customer’s experience and reviews appreciated the builder’s ability to provide custom hardware solutions that match the needs as well as quickly troubleshoot questions and issues. Beside showing top notch skill in web building it has come up with corporate responsibilities that are outstanding.

Brinkster care for both people and environment. For their staff they offer a high rate of benefits and convenient work environment. At the same time they have taken virtualization initiative and a new dedicated server infrastructure that is supposed to reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. It has extended it’s responsibility even to the global context. Brinkster is a charter member of the Global Social Responsibility Web Hosting Initiative. Every month the company donate more than 1% of their revenue to the charities and non-profits, specially to the projects to eradicate child poverty.

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