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Without a web site a small business cannot go far. But even you have a web site and don’t earn the trust on the web that will not bring any success. When your website visitors trust you, you are more likely to convert those visitors into paying customers. So how to build up the credibility of your site?

I can assume that you have a business brain and know how to choose a brand name. So when naming the site go after the brand name and make it simple looking. Attractive but straightforward layout has much more potential to attract customers than flashy clumsy one. The simple layout with well planned composition makes more professional impression. Press coverage is a valuable badge of credibility. Always try to add some reviews on your product or services. You may have experienced it by yourself when you are the buyer. You will rely on a product that is recognized by other users. To do this, you can simply add blog to your site where some writers will write regularly. Adding blog is easy and it can be done with website builders tools, if you are using them; otherwise you can WordPress. Keeping a well-maintained blog is simply the standard these days.

Changing the content of your site (even a little) shows that there is a living company behind the webpage, a fact vital to your credibility. Engaging in the community surrounding your industry and showing you know your stuff will also help. Leaving informed comments on relevant articles and forums will help you and your company be known as a credible resource and business.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

Ahmed is a freelance writer who enjoys writing - he is based out of Australia.

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