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In real life background highlights a story. You are as important as your background. Why should it be in other way while web page designing? The background of the web page have the ultimate impact on the look and decides the potentiality of the contents. So in building a web page creating a effective background deserves better attention.

Common mistakes

When the idea of using backgrounds was first introduced, users created mess on the web page. Heavy and colored backgrounds made it impossible to read contents. It took long to settle down with the appropriate manner of web page background. Some sites use a solid color or just leave it blank. That poses threat to dilute the uniqueness of a site. A background image is more effective way to make the site look different from others. Visitors will recognize instantly where they are.
Creating backgrounds to cover the screen sizes is not a good idea because it actually makes the loading slower on the web. Again, the image should not be too small; otherwise browsers can tile smaller graphics across through the pages and that will cause the slower loading too.

How the image should be?
Background images can be in GIF, PNG or JPG format. Choosing the right format is very important. If most of the areas are of flat color, the correct choice should use GIF. That will render smaller files and smoother colors. Animated backgrounds can be created, but it’s not preferred by the designers for several reasons. Most important of all, animation does not work right on all browsers. Next, it can slow down browsers. Finally, That may distract visitors from the contents that you would want them to be read in the first place.
If the page has colors, such as a photograph or numbers of illustrations , then it’s better to work with JPG. The files will be smaller, and colors will be smoother. Placing of the images and colors are important before thinking of background. use your imagination to create the proper layout.

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