Building my web animation with dynamic HTML

Any smart web site today has something animated on the page. It either comes in logo or in other components. Animation gives the viewer relief and comfort in the tiresome browsing and reading process. So if you choose to place something animated on your web page, what would you prefer? An easy choice can be Flash or GIF images. But you can face the problem of loading while browsing with those format. Because those are created with frame by frame actions and the browser have to process every frame of it. So an alternative can be dynamic HTML.

What is it?
If you can get rid of frame by frame action problem and command the computer to take one still image or text and move it that will show better performance. Actually this is just what you are doing while moving the cursor across the screen with mouse. Hypertext markup language (HTML) is the basic programming language of web pages that basically consists of simple tags that tell a web browser where to display web page elements. First it could deal only the static elements. As modernization progressed, web designers could not remain satisfied with static quality. Dynamic HTML, or dHTML, is the term for the software technology that makes moving objects possible.

What good does it do?
DHTML content is actually not HTML alone. It was developed by using a number of scripting languages, such as Javascript. DHTML was not created to make animation on the web page. What dHTML script can do is tell the browser to keep changing the positions of a image or text on the page. That makes animation possible. Coding the animation component yourself is quite difficult, but there are some software applicationsthat will produce the correct script code for you after instructed from your mouse click.

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