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Jimdo is a renowned web builder founded by some enthusiastic young guys. You can use their service to build up a professional looking business website without any technical skill with an unbelievable low cost. Of course you can compare their services with other providers and choose the best. This article is only introducing the Jimdo service, not advocating to be an user immediately. Jimdo makes it possible to incorporate multimedia components and customize the look and feel of your site. It has a nice AJAX interface and also has a cool feature to copy the designs of other sites. The interface is very simple which makes it ideal for people that know nothing about building websites.

With the business package of Jimdo you can have a custom URL and enjoy web site without the annoying advertisement. You can also add logos, meta tags to the site. What can relly impress you is the email service. They will provide 10 gb storage of emails and an address that has an extension similar to your domain name. Moreover you will be able to forward your mails to other email services. You can also use the newsletter service so that you can keep your connections always updated about your services or products.

To make the page fancy you can add flash applications and use other widgets to work on artistic appearance. Unlimited page and bandwidth included in the package give you relief from the tension of creating traffic. Custom templates developed by the experienced designers will allow you to have ready made professional looking pages.

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