Business website design that will not drive away your customers

If you are serious enough to sell something through your web site you need to think about the design for a couple of times. There are several myths and fallacies commonly believed when designing a website to sell a product or a service. Some are really useful and others are distracting. Let’s have an idea what kind of designs have the potential to drive customers away!

Trying to hide the prices is a fatal error done by the website designers. These kind of sites show the prices only if someone clicks on the button, labeled as ‘buy now’. Or the site may worsen the situation by letting the visitors know the price only if they sign up. They have a price list but the link to the price list is buried somewhere deep in their site. It is in such a place that is not easily accessible. Those features are enough to make the customers never return to the site to buy anything.

While designing a site to sell any product, you must remember that all visitors are not immediate buyers. Some may be window-shopping and if they find it worthy maybe they will return later on to try it. A good design must meet the requirements of such customers. Make your design in a easily communicable fashion so that a visitor will have a very good idea about what are you selling and in which rate. After going to other site he may compare that page with yours and will feel the urge to return to you.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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