Connecting email service with a website builder

Website builders have made web page things much easier for all. With a little effort novices can create web pages of their own and experts can save their time with simpler tools. For any web page email address plays a vital role. It helps to be connected and explored. Suppose you are offering some services or products to visitors and would love to hear from them. After seeing your page they can leave the page, go to their gmail or yahoo account and send you mail inquiring about you or your products. Or what if they don’t have to leave the page at all and can send you email direct from your page! That would surely be great and that can be arranged of course with web builders.

Some web sites host email addresses but some does not. Whatever the feature of the service is you can easily get connected with a established email services like Yahoo and Google. Google and Yahoo already offer great email solutions to the public, so it is easy to connect with their services. You may use Google and Yahoo free of charge to set up an email to connect to the Contact Form Widget, offered by most of the web builders.

To connect with Google email services, go to their website and click on ‘business solution’ link under the search box. Then on the opened page find ‘Google Apps’. Create your business email either with their free trial offer or other packages. You will own a a link to access it using your username and password. You are all finished. And now all you have to do is provide the link using the widget on the web builder.

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