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It is now possible to add sounds or music on the web page. Earlier one could only put a link to a sound player on the web page. But then the embedding option is introduced. Embedding is a set of browser components capable of being embedded in other applications. Embedding a sound on a page means that you include the sound commands in your HTML document and use a plug-in to run it. Embed tells the browser that an embed sound is here and it must take action to play it.

You can embed music files in the page and allow them play in the background automatically. But you must know that without using properly it may annoy the visitor and make them leave the page quicker than he planned. So this should be done with great care. If you are planning to put an looping song, be very sure to check it by yourself whether it is syncing or not.

Not all formats are supported in a web page. Most popular choice is using wav file format. If the music is in MIDI format, you can simply link to your mid file. Mp3 files are more desired music file option for its compatibility with most of the media players. The tag is the most common way of adding sound to a Web page. Its advantage over the tag is that it is supported by both browsers, and more consistently across the PC and Mac platforms. If you are building web page with web builders then you can use there widget box to embed your desired sounds of music. Check the web builders and their offers here:

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