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Links are a fundamental part of the web. They are in fact what makes the web page connected and be a part of the bigger web. Usually links mean something that allow visitors move either from one section or a web page to another section or a page. A new website that is recently published in the world of web need links to develop all sorts of search engine visibility. Links pointing to a new website can get it indexed, help it to start having ranking and being keywords friendly. These keywords will send visitors to your web page who are searching for information or products and services on a specific field.

The idea is pretty simple. You are using the established websites to get the visitors redirected to your web page. You can focus more on targeted link placement or link insertion, whereby you are likely to control the specific anchor text used. Some of them include agreements made with others and others involve one-way action on your part. As for example, Squidoo is a popular site on the web. Many people go there for write articles, make money by publicizing. So if you can write something about your web page and put a link there then any visitor to the squidoo may have chance to click on the link and get redirected to your web page.

One of the ways to link your site is to submit site to Web Directories. But you have to be aware that it’s a pretty monotonous process. Other ways are- Submit Press Releases to PR sites, Squidoo Lenses, article Submissions, social media profiles and blogging.

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