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One way of expressing oneself is through a blog, where you can update thoughts and ideas whenever it strikes. Another way of setting footprint on the Internet is website where people have the opportunity to see what your online presence is all about. s making a web page a difficult thing to do, or can anyone with an average brain make one up? A willing person who has some business to do over internet must not take a degree on computer science. The time has changed. Actually, anyone can create their own attractive web pages in just minutes with no more software than already built-in programming on the Internet.

Weebly is one of the popular site that offers to create site for you without any cost. Unbelievable but true. Go to their site and register, that’s all you need to own a website. The rest is simple, designing the page according to your need. You may get frightened at this stage as you have never designed anything in your life. Even that is easy using Weebly. There are hundreds of templates waiting for you to be chosen. Take your time to find an exceptional design that is still unused. Now follow the instructions about using the tools and modify everything until you are satisfied.

After doing all the editing clcking on publish button will take you up to the world of internet. You have to learn some basic of utilizing the online presence for practical reasons and Weebly site is always there to help you.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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