Creating a blog with Square Space

Squarespace is known by it’s name. It has earned reputation as an innovative web publishing platform that can help you develop an attractive and dynamic blog or website. Anyone new on the world of web and feeling lost but have the desire for web publishing and have basic content management skills, Squarespace is the solution. It gives a lot of tools to users to create anything as he dreamt. You can even have a great blog created in a few steps.

To start, of course you have to sign up with the builder and I assume you already have done. And to make the best out of the service, I think you have taken the tour as well and have clear idea about the tools. Anyway, with every feature Square Space provides help options so that you can learn better. Next thing is fairly easy to do. Choose a layout from templates, write and publish. There is your blog.

Squarespace launched an application that gives users full control over their blog using on an iPhone. You can do almost all of the things being mobile; post, edit, see your referring links, incoming traffic, and subscribers. You can even insert images stored on the phone. The great thing is, it has a feature that allows one touch sync capability with your desktop computer. You can start a post on the road, and finish it at home. This application is free for all Squarespace users. The blog importing tool enables you to import all content from your old blogger or wordpress blog directly into a new Squarespace blog.

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