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blog is short for “web log” signifies more than an online diary. The popularity of blogging has simply skyrocketed within a few years. Thousands of blogging sites are operating on the web and offer you write for them. But what if you manage a blog options on your web page? That’s right. Creating your web page with blogging options is not that much hard now.

There are some professional options to create own blog.If you are owning a web hosting plan then you have access to a control panel. Most of the sites allow you to install applications like wordpress or joomla on your site. But installing does not let you immediately starting the blog. Some technical knowledge like handling the databases are really necessary to set that up. If you confident enough to do that then it will be a good choice.

But if you are not that much interested to create a web page on your own and insert a blogging options, then there is solution too. Most of the web builders have the tool to let the user include blogs on their web sites. You can add a blog to your web page by clicking the ‘Tools’ link on the toolbar in site page editor view and then choose ‘Blog’ from the drop down menu. The blog dialog box will appear. Next thing you need to do is create or edit a blog post and then click ‘Save’. That will add the blog in your page. You can then drag and drop your blog where you would like it to appear. You can check this link of a web builder that offers users to build blog on their sites:

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