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A web page template or HTML template can be defined as a web page that can be used repeatedly by copying to create other web pages. It is a collection of prebuilt linked pages, that can be used to save time in the process of building a complete website. The benefits you will get in using a template are speeding website building time, adding consistency to the pages, convenience in planning your website and easier maintaining and editing.

Any individual or organization can use web templates to set up their website. After purchasing or downloading a template, the user will be able to replace all information included in the web template with their own necessary information. Usually web templates are created using HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). There can also be templates created with Flash. But a professional will love to go for the first one while Flash templates are popular with those who do not intend to have business instantly with the web page.

If you are skilled enough or have the aptitude to attain the skill then building own template is quite possible within two or three months. Alternatively you can choose from the ready made options by the website builders. Low cost, professionally designed webpage templates are already created by them to help with your web designing. These templates are usually customizable in programs such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Golive, Flash and images have been saved in the PSD format which is compatible with Photoshop. So you will have the control on editing in your own fashion. Here is a link to compare between some website builders who offer web templates in reasonable or no prices:

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