Designing outline of your own web page with Illustrator

Anything you plan to do on the computer is kind of interrelated, specially the web sort of things. Now if you have decided to give your own creativity a chance to design a web page for the first time then this article may guide you to find the right direction. We will assume that you are trying to design a simple web site emphasizing more on visual beauty than on poetry of coding. Then Adobe Illustrator should be the perfect choice to create the layout. Of course it is software that serves more to the graphic and illustration sides but we are trying to deal the illustration side of the web page, isn’t it?
The program is one of the dearest graphics software to the designers; because it gives the user freedom and flexibility to create composition with texts and images. You can do all the artworks with the built in plug-ins that would produce astonishing effects. When you open the software it would ask what type of documents are you creating. In CS3 version there is an option to choose web document from the list. The new web document will open in appropriate size. On your left there is a toolbox where you can find some very familiar tools like box, circle, texts etc. With a very little help from a web tutorial you can easily find the use of these tools. Now just place the boxes and texts wherever your imagination allows. Place any images by clicking on the ‘place’ under the File tab. The visualisation of your imagination would produce a layout that would guide you in the real process of web page making on software like Dream weaver.

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