Developing ad revenue on your site

Placing ads on a site and dream for sharing revenue is a common ambition of web site owners now. There are some lucrative declaration of being millionaire on the web just by sharing ad revenue. Things are of course not as easy as they state. You may not become a millionaire just doing nothing but you can earn a amount of money with sharing advertisement revenue. The main idea of increasing revenue is directly related with site traffic. The more people come to your site, more chance of earning increase.

The only way to get enough traffic to support an advertising model is to create such tremendous value that the site gets written up in the media, people tell their friends about it, and they WANT to come. Good, unique content is expensive to produce. You either write it yourself, or pay others to write it. If you accept free content, then your site is no longer unique, since those same features can be found on dozens of other sites. The same goes for developing entertainment and online services.

At its simplest, a banner ad is a linked graphic. So conceivably, you could take your advertiser’s banner ad, link it to his site, and paste this HTML code at the top of each webpage on your site. This works well until the advertiser changes or you have more than one advertiser who will need to share the available page views. An alternative is to use a third-party banner serving system. You put their code on your web pages, and they take care of placing banners on your site. For you to get advertisers, they need to be convinced that the visitors to your site are good prospects to purchase their products or services. You can consider conducting a demographic survey to serve the purpose.

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