Doodlekit Integrates Anti-SPAM Protection

SPAM has become one of the most critical threats to websites. A single SPAM attack can shut down a website completely. Considering this fact, Doodlekit has integrated anti-SPAM protection into its easy web editor platform. This feature aims to secure Doodlekit users’ websites from any potential SPAM attack.

Doodlekit Anti-SPAM Solutions

Doodlekit has employed the following anti-SPAM solutions into its platform:

Captchas: Captcha are text images that a user has to verify to access the webpage. They are considered sound protection against spamming activities, since they can restrict the entry of SPAM bots. According to the current settings, captchas are employed in the Contact Us form, blog comments and the custom Form Builder. To activate captchas, a Doodlekit user has change the Advance Settings for blog comments and the Contact Us page. The revised Form Builder page contains captacha settings in advance.
Web links: Since SEO rankings are one of the main reasons for websites getting spammed, Doodlekit has made efforts to convert all the URLs and link words to web links. This will restrict spammers’ objective to direct the links to their website.

Doodlekit, the easy web editor, is working towards developing an advanced SPAM management tool. This will allow the users to manage SPAM activities in a coherent manner. According the official rankings, Doodlekit is already included among the top ten free website builders. With this features, the company can expect a jump in its user base.

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