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Weebly is the rare web builder that offers e commerce elements even to a free user and without any advertisement on the page, That is very distinctive to all other free web builders. Now any people can dare to have a website for their small business and start selling products from their websites. And these elements offered by Weebly are very easy to use; only requires dragging and dropping on a blank page.

Weebly e-Commerce elements integrate with both PayPal and Google Checkout to catch up the need of time. The interface is flexible and can be changed with anything. You can very easily add featured products on the home page, create pages for categories or products, and feature videos, audio and photo galleries to show off your products in the best light. And are you afraid that you are using a platform to sale and you will have to share your revenue with them? Well, don’t. Weebly will not charge anything from you. Moreover, it gives you the provision to use adsense on your site and add extra dimes to your bank account.

On the interface, there are 4 elements in the “Revenue” category: Product Block, Product Small, Product Regular and Product Large. Drag one of the elements onto your page. You will be prompted to associate your PayPal or Google Checkout account with Weebly. If you choose Google Checkout, you can access helpful instructions for finding your Merchant ID here. And you are ready to be paid through the page. It’s that easy to set up the system.

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2 thoughts on “E commerce elements on Weebly”

  1. Weebly is truly a free website building platform. Very easy to use and allows you get up and going in a matter of hours. The e-commerce feature is also free and easily integrated into Weebly. Although they do provide such free service, one thing that Weebly could improve is to provide integrated services such as allowing small businesses to track their inventory, or have auto-responding emails so when people purchase goods from the e-commerce websites, the purchasers would receive automatic emails from the vendors, and also allow the vendor to keep track of inventory and other fulfillment details.

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