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It takes a lot to run a business. Running a business online is not different than traditional one. If you don’t have an e-commerce site yet, you’re losing money. You have to manage inventory, track sales, stay in touch with customers and keep it all organized. And you will have to do all these in the amount of time you can afford. Whether selling artwork or instruments, cars or office supplies, you will need simple, flexible custom e-commerce solutions with easier-to-use tools to manage your own online store in minutes each day. When you’re ready for a web solution that will kick-start sales and maximize your profits you need to create an e commerce site and to save time and money you can turn to website builders.

Usually website builders offer e commerce package with some definite options. That include customized website design, fully functional shopping cart enabling the sale of any product online, payment gateway software, content Management Software (CMS) to update page content in-house, search engine optimization enabling placement of the website in search engine results and installed Google and Yahoo sitemaps. It may vary for packages and website builder companies but more or less these are available and affordable. Just look at the features. If you try to incorporate these all into your page by yourself it will need heavyweight web designing knowledge. And if you go for professional designers to create a site like this, hourly rate will make you think twice. But with website builders it is really easy to build the site and maintain it.

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