Enjoy Advanced Graphic Features with CirclePad

Advanced graphic features are a recent addition to the CirclePad easy web editor. With these features, users can upload images or Microsoft Powerpoint files to the webpage and work upon them to generate exciting graphics.

What Can You Do With Advanced Graphics?

Advanced graphic features available with CirclePad allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Drawing tool: Create free-size shapes with the drawing tool. This tool works in exactly the same way as the Pencil tool of MS-Paint. The Circlepad web editor platform allows you to choose the thickness of the pencil tool and create open, closed and filled drawings.
  • Paint tool: This tool allows you to select images from a pre-defined gallery and insert on the webpage. The CirclePad default gallery contains a range of graphics, such as flower, butterfly, airplane, building and faces.
  • Shapes: You can select from a range of pre-defined shapes available in the CirclePad gallery, such as square, circle, arrow, star, pointer and tabs. Once inserted into the webpage, users can work on these shapes to create exciting graphics. You can edit the shapes for picture effects, adding patterns and creating mouse overs. You can also change the drawing points of these default shapes to create new shapes. It is a perfect tool to design logos, inserting images to customized shapes and develop animated graphics.

With these advanced graphic options, CirclePad has made a significant effort to grab market share from the top web builders. However, the website has to strengthen their network and support services to scale up on the free website maker comparison chart.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

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