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You may have heard it thousand times that before letting any web builders design your site their customer support must be checked. With the success of some web builders a lot of web experts were inspired and started the web building business online. But a good designer does not always necessarily guarantee a good business. Business has something to offer people and offering should be easy and it should be aware of any mishaps in the process. That is the basic of customer support.

Web builder’s customer support has some difference with cell phone company’s or police customer support. There must not be a telephone operator waiting for you on the other end. If it does, it’s better. But most important thing is their support page. You are doing things online, you will look for the solution online. Suppose you are now owner of a control panel provided by your web builder company. Now how to use the panel to manage the site? A good customer support describes things in details for you. And after reading you will have a clear idea about the function of a control panel even you are the first timer in this business.

Technical terms explained is another important task of the support team. In our previous example you have found the picture or diagram, where to get what? Now we are talking about how to manage what? Suppose you have seen ‘WordPress’ option on your site. A bad customer support will leave you just saying that, we are offering you wordpress to install. But a good support page will explain every step to install,setup and use the feature on your site.

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