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Are you a bit frustrated for not getting customers? You have a polished website for your small business that is artistic looking and professionally built. Even you are owning a professional blog where you publish posts a couple of times per week. Both are meant to help spread your story and bring more sales. But no visitors mean no customers and no sales. It is nit unlikely that many small businessman can start thinking of leaving Internet and try something other means to live. Well, for them the advice should be to get the social media footprint on their website and advice people to follow.

Creating a social media footprint is the process of putting the name of your business and services recognized with the Internet tool at different sites where your potential customers can find you. The ultimate goal is to establish the online identity of your small business and to proactively manage your reputation. You can use Flickr, youtube, forum visits, Haro, twitter and facebook for the purpose.

With Flickr you can post relevant, well tagged, pictures so that when people are searching for a photo that is relevant to your niche, you will always be on top of the search results. Putting videos about your service on youtube is also good idea to be promoted. Or you can sign up with different forums and participate in various discussions. The knowledge and skill reflected in your posts may make other members curious about you. Twitter and Facebook have become revolutionary communication and social media tools and have potential to connect you to thousands of people.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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