Four steps to create your own web page

You have decided to cut the cost of a professional web page designer and would like to give your creative faculty a try. But problem is you haven’t created a web page before. Nothing to worry about, some simple steps will give you a concrete idea about creating the web page. Before going into the steps we will assume that you have already managed a domain and web hosting either free or with a nominal fee. Now we will go through the four required steps.

First, you need to know about the html, which stands for Hyper Text Markup language. Don’t get frightened with the word if it is unfamiliar to you. There are thousands of sites that explained the language in a very easy fashion. Using some definite signs and characters you can order the computer software to do things for you.

Second, you will have to choose software to work with. You can start with the simple notepad. Open it and put some html code and save it in dot htm format. That is the file format you can upload on the server. For more options Microsoft Front Page can be a very good choice. And when you are little more confident about the language then go for Adobe Dream weaver for professional looking pages.

Third, a little knowledge about the colour and composition is required. Of course you don’t have to be a graphic designer specialist but you will know what colour suits the background and what colour don’t. That’s really a matter of experience and your own taste. Browsing throw the sites frequently will help you to visualize an appropriate design.

Fourth, you need to know to build up contents. All three steps above may be technical but this one is beyond technique. You will have to collect or write contents according to the purpose of the web page that will attract the targeted audience.

Of course if you want to get up and running quickly to avoid all those steps you can just opt to use one of free website makers reviewed in this site.

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