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You know very well why online marketing is needed. The aim of of a website marketing is not only to familiarize a service or product like real life marketing. It is meaning something deeper. Online marketing has also the aim to increase the number of visitors to that website – the more people that visit a website, the greater the chance that the website will be a success, whether success is measured in terms of selling products or simply engaging users with the editorial content. As a webeden website owner, some tools are available to you that can be used to start marketing your website more effectively.

Within the control panel of your website are several handy features to take advantage of. One of these are Google AdWords voucher. If you are a paid up member than you will receive up to 50 dollar adword voucher that you can redeem using google. Using pay per click marketing you can then utilize the famous adword tool to start boosting traffic to your site. There is a ‘Mail to friend’ feature on webEden that should be also attractive to traffic seekers. If you place the ‘mail to a friend’ form on your website, it enables visitors to recommend your website to other people. The recommendation takes the form of an email that includes your website address.

With free membership tools of webeden, you can allow visitors to your website to sign up and become a member of your website. Anyone who invests some of themselves by becoming a member of a website is far more likely to return to that website. Your website and your visitors will have a closer relationship, and are therefore likely to see each other more often.

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