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All business name a perfect domain name. Usually these names are, in effect, like business names, and often they are same. It requires the same brain storming as the business itself does. The businessman is the key person to choose but there are other factors that have to be considered. The only criteria is that the domain name cannot already have been registered.

When you are leasing a domain name you will need to renew the name periodically, usually yearly. Renewing is important because you don’t want to see another business running on the same name next year. There are some domain register that renews automatically or at least gives you warning before the due date. Domain names can be used as an extension to new email address and most companies allow to create and manage email addresses as part of the domain name registration package. That extension holds more reliability than a free service.

Domain names need to be unique and business friendly. You can choose extensions from plenty of options but remember the most commonly used extension is dot com. Everybody tries it. Dot net or dot org comes as secondary choice. Think of a reputed or badly reputed site like pirate bay. You don’t know the extension but heard the name. What will you out on the address bar? Of course- But see, it does not bring the desired result. Because it’s extension is actually dot org. So whatever your business or purpose is try to grab a domain name with dot com extensions. Most website builders offer help to choose the appropriate domain names.

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