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Social networking sites are designed to let ideas, groups, and connections emerge. This emergent property distinguishes them from collaboration sites like SharePoint, eRoom, and the like. With social networking sites, anyone can create a group around a topic of interest and invite “friends” into it. Your friends can then invite their friends, and so on, enabling a community of interest or practice to flourish around a topic of shared interest. People in this emergent community now have an unprecedented opportunity to meet other like-minded people, which otherwise would be extraordinarily time-consuming, if not downright impossible. That is enough to grasp the idea of using social networking for a business site.

Social networking tools make it easy to build deeper relationships among members of geographically dispersed teams. That’s because members tend to have common interests, often personal as well as professional, which supersede today’s work activities. Being able to create this social and visual context among members of a virtual business community can establish rapport far more quickly than emails, phone calls, and web conferences, which tend to focus on the task at hand.

To get started, choose an easy-to-use social networking site that can be accessed from anywhere, such as facebook or Linked-In. Give people time to navigate their way around the site. As a team, brainstorm uses for this site that may augment or replace other forms of communication. But if you are unsure how to add the networking application on your website then turn to ezWeb123 for help. This web builder allow it’s users to become members of your site. Users can enable facebook connects so that anyone can log in to their sites using facebook details.

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