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If you have an established business, that’s fine. But if you are willing to start over, you need a plan. The plan should include the start and end point of your venture. Well, the end point is something part of your dream and you can visualize it less effort. But the hardest part of any business is the starting. This is true specially in this critical global economic situation. Maybe you are the one who already have failed with two or three attempts. Let’s try to reload the whole business idea and this time keep the plan online.

According to the makers of success stories, the key to making money online fast is solving pressing problems. By pressing it means problems that cause people pain or discomfort. Or a problem that causes a sense of urgency. Weight problem, financing problem, relation problem etc are some examples. Or you can think for a long vision. People needs educational help, health related suggestions, daily goods or legal advices. Now start with the idea where you feel comfortable. I am assuming that you have chosen weight loosing anxiety of people, specially women. Now what do you want to do with that? You can sell some instruments, medicines or even suggestions.

If instruments and medicines are little out of your reach then choose suggestions in article form. You would put together a short 10-15 page report that shows people how to drop 25 pounds quickly. This should only take you about 2 hours to put together with research and all. Now start a website with a free website builder like Weebly, that gives you the freedom to add a shopping cart for free.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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