Get your own web page free from common problems

You have created your on web page to be heard by the world and now you have got some problems. The world is not hearing you or even can’t read you. Or maybe they can’t have the web page perfectly loaded. Do not let it frighten you. What possibly could be wrong with the page is not hard to find. If you are familiar with some common problems prevailing online, it’s just a matter of minutes to solve.

Search problem
Now first of all you have to check out some settings. Have you set up the title tags using a key phrase? The key phrase should use keywords that represents your page. Or maybe you have not used a meta description that uses the same keywords that you used in your title tag. If you have already done then rephrases it again for better result. These meta keywords that describe your pages should not be ambiguous. People would use these keywords in search engine and that search may bring visitors at your door. The contents that are used on the page must have the keywords mostly potential for search engines. You must submit site to search engines regularly but it’s better to check each search engines rules. Putting links to some similar sites may bring better results.

Loading problem
Another common problem is the visitor may find your web page taking forever to load. Or it may happen that the web page are not loading right. What you got to do is use smaller graphics and keep the numbers smaller. You can check the HTML codes, it can be messy enough to make the browser think for a while what to do. A web page should not weigh more than 20 kb.

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