Have you done link popularity analysis?

Your website contain many links. Link popularity score is a statistics that shows how many pages link to each page on your web site. Major search engines use it extensively in their algorithms to assign web pages rankings. So it’s important for you to know the statistical figures so that you can measure your own site and take decision about placing or removing links. The more popular your website with other websites, the higher it will rank on popular search keywords.

There are some professional services that can check link popularity for you. Too often it is seen that well-optimized pages lacking in inbound links and becomes obvious for not ranking high on good keywords because their link popularity score is too low. Link Popularity Analysis tool obtains this info by examining popularity of your site and its pages with the most popular search engines like google, yahoo, altavista etc. he first and most direct effect of link popularity for your site is that traffic to your website increases considerably with every well placed link. This is because each and every link acts as an advertisement for your website, and since in most cases, a link is created along with a recommendation, you start getting a lot of relevant traffic that is redirected from the sites carrying your links.

All the advertising and reputation building that link popularity does for you eventually gets reflected where it matters most–the bottom line. Whether you are a website offering information or products, you will undoubtedly start getting higher traffic and conversions proportional to the amount of text links that you have managed to spread in virtual space. Some web builders offer link popularity analysis when you build your site with them.

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