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Dreamweaver, presented by Adobe, is now regarded as one of the most user-friendly tool to create a web page. Even a novice can design a simple web page using the toolbox. For professionals, it offer wide range of possibility and time saving options. So designing web page is easy but publishing the page will need a little guidance. Here in the article I am going to narrate the steps to publish your web page from Adobe Dreamweaver.

First you will have to open the site manager by choosing it from the ‘site’ menu. I am assuming that yo have already set up your site and the program knows the name of the page and the URL address to your web page. So when you open the site manager, you will see the name of your site there with a ‘edit’ button beside it; now, click the button. After clicking ‘next’ for couple of times, you will reach to a page which will ask- ‘How do you want to connect to your remote server?’ In the drop down box, select “FTP”. Next, you will need to enter the FTP information that your web host provided you when you first signed up for a web hosting account. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is the tool by which you transfer your web pages from your own computer to your web host’s computer. And technically, transferring your pages from your computer to your web host’s computer is known as “publishing” your pages.

Enter your FTP user name and password. Now, to publish your page, click ‘put’ under ‘Site’ tab. If Dreamweaver pops out a message asking you whether it should ‘Put dependent files?’, click on ‘Yes’.

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