Homstead To Upgrade Storefront and Sitebuilder

With a view to enhancing user-friendly features and providing better applications, Homestead is undergoing a range of website upgrades. Most of the upgrades are centered on the Storefront environment and Sitebuilder interface. With these upgrades, Homestead is aiming to increase its share of the free website maker segment.

The Storefront Upgrade

The new Homestead Storefront will include features such as one-page checkout and eBay listings. There are numerous small scale upgrades as well, such as improving button images, information messages and search results. The upgrades are focused on providing tools and information for a better ecommerce shopping experience. According the company’s blog, several Storefront process issues reported by consumers are solved in this upgrade.

Sitebuilder Enhancements

Homestead has enhanced the Sitebuilder for visual appeal and user-friendly features. The basic interface of the Sitebuilder has been modified to accommodate easy recognizable icons. The shortcut menu is also updated to include a greater number of essential features, such as text, image, photo gallery, HTML, media files, rectangle tool and PayPal. Also, the design tools have been categorized into specific segments – personal and business sites. This will allow users to access features in a more organized manner.

To capitalize on the social media boom, Homestead is planning to launch a new set of social networking features, fully integrated with the existing websites. According to the 2010 ratings, Homestead is not included in the top 10 website builder list. It is expected that with these upgrades, this easy web editor tool will be able to serve users in a better way.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

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