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What about having a live web page of your very own online? If the answer is affirmative then you can start everything in two ways. First way is to depend upon some other else and second way is all about getting yourself educated of every steps to create a web page online. First way is comparatively easy. All you need to do is either find a free site on the web that would do things for you from designing to publishing. You don’t have to know any technical things involved in that process. Second way may sound boring but better in the sense that you have clear idea about every step are you taking. It’s similar like the difference between walking blind and walking on your own. If you want to pick up the second way then this article will give you a general idea about web hosting, the word you will have to hear quite frequently in the web world.
Hosting service allows individuals and organizations to make their own website visible through world wide web. Web hosts are companies to rent you their cyber space on the server. It also provides you connectivity. Hosting service allow you to upload the pre designed file on the server through FTP or File Transfer Protocol. When you purchase a offer from web hosting then it gives you access to a control panel through which file uploading, creating database and installing external applications is possible. Additionally you can set your email account check the boxes here. You have to choose the right hosting package by comparing the offered amount of space, database, email accounts, bandwidth etc.

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