How to Choose a Free Website Maker

With the multiplicity of website makers available online, choosing a good web publishing platform that offers high quality services has become a daunting task. The simplest approach is to consider the rankings in the online website maker comparison chart and make a decision. Alternatively, you can choose a website maker based on individual requirements, based on certain parameters.

Parameters for Choosing a Website Maker

Here are certain parameters that are crucial while comparing website maker services:

  • Pricing: If you are planning on a free website for the long term, look for a website maker that offers the maximum features for free account holders. Remember, most of website makers offer limited services with a free account. Weebly and Wix are probably the best choices for long-term free websites.
  • User-friendly platform: It is essential to opt for a user-friendly platform so that you can create and modify your website with efficiency. Webstarts scores high on its user-friendly interface. You can also consider Weebly, Jimdo and Brinkster.
  • Ecommerce: To sign up for a high-quality ecommerce service provider, compare business or ecommerce accounts of different service providers. Look for payment options, products allowed on display and shopping cart software.
  • Tutorials: Many users underplay tutorials while selecting a website maker and end up in a maze of technology issues. Always, study user the tutorials before signing up for a website maker.

Based on these four parameters, one can make an informed decision. Explore different sections of the web editor and refer to the official blogs to leverage on the technology offered.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

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