How to choose good keywords

In computer dictionary- a keyword is a word or identifier that has a particular meaning to the programming language. Well, you may don’t know that complex definition but sure you understand the magical word that is now conquering over the web marketing world. There are millions of websites are preaching about keyword usage but do you really feel them useful? Maybe, maybe not. But let’s check some tips once again and you can decide whether you are on the right track or not.

A common misconception is that most of your traffic will come from a handful of 2- to 3-word phrases. Keyword researchers are dieing to discover the most valuable keywords that boost up online marketing. But on a good site that is rich in information, you’ll get traffic from all many of searches that you never thought of, many of them are more than four words in length. The best keywords are 2- to 4-word phrases that accurately describe what you offer using everyday language that searchers are likely to type in, and which aren’t so competitive that you have no chance of getting on the front page. If your keywords are too general then they’ll likely be too competitive, and even if you rank well on them your traffic might not convert well, since searchers are usually looking for something specific. But if your keywords are too specific then few people will search for your terms and you’ll get few potential visitors.

The search engines rank your web pages, not sites. So you should target different keywords on different pages. You might go for a more general term on your home page, and more specific terms on your inside pages.

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