How to make your own web page more user friendly

Getting connected to users of your site is the sole purpose of your entering the web world. It’s most unlikely that you are the only visitor and user of your own web page. So you need to think about both functionality and user friendliness. If you are the designer of your own web site then there are some aspects you must be aware of, to make your web page more user friendly.

Be aware of not using flash elements on the web page to much. Flash animations are fancy stuff that can be used as a filler on the page. but using too much or a large animation can cause some troubles. It takes a while to be loaded that can bore the visitor. But attracted by the glittering appearance some web designers are offering their clients to build up the whole page with Flash. Another problem with the flash websites are that they are crawlable by search engines, and cause you loose any chance of getting free traffic from search engines. If your website takes more then 10 seconds to load, visitors will probably leave before accessing the content.

Another enemy of a convenient web page is broken links. Having broken links on your website makes you look unprofessional. You must be familiar with the tools that can fix the problem. Browser compatibility is another big issue. Now a days there are plenty of browsers available but still most used one is Internet Explorer. You have to make sure that your web page is compatible specially with the most popular browser.

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