Importance of checking PCI certification

PCI is an acronym that stands for Payment Card Industry. it is a recent industry set of requirements which must be achieved and maintained in order to take credit card payments via your website. These security standards are became vital these days. It is needed for technical and operational requirements with the aim of enhancing and maintaining of sensitive data, with particularly concern to credit card and other payment details.

If you are commencing a business webs site then you must be aware about the necessity of meeting PCI Compliance. There is effectively three points which need to be given some consideration. First, it’s important to know about requirements of your web hosting provider. Most aspects of PCI compliance are considered best practice from a hosting prospective. All Anchor web hosting services meet PCI compliance requirements.

Web developers have the responsibility for web application designs. A large portion of this standard come down to the design of your website, this is something which can only be the responsibility of your web developer. But your site is having transaction of money then it’s fully your responsibility to use and accessibility of credit card details.

In order to achieve compliance you can set an automated scan of your website and the server that your website is hosted on by an authorised scanning vendor (ASV) every quarter. This is done to ensure that your website meets any requirements. Maintaining an Information Security Policy is the responsibility of both the web developer and the hosting provider. Do not play indifferent to any potential risks that may harm purpose of your site. Try every step to make your site a successful one.

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