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Selecting a free website maker is like hiring an executive for your company. Most prefer opting for a free website maker that simplifies the process of web publishing, while offering the essential features to make the website more interesting. To this end, the free website maker comparison chart and reviews help you make an informed decision. Here, you can read a performance review of Indigloo and 350pages.

Indigloo Offers Powerful Free Account

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, Indigloo offers you complete control over the website. However, you need to pay a monthly rent, if you choose to buy a custom domain. Inbuilt sitemap, page-specific Meta tags, search engine friendly URLs, make Indigloo a powerful website builder. It scores over other free website makers by providing features such as, shopping cart, password protection, multi-level menus and unlimited number of webpages with the free account.

350pages Focuses on Upgrades

Customizable graphics, versatile photo integration tool and social media integration make it a good choice among other free website makers. To support the booming apps market, 350pages allows you to add third-party gadgets using HTML script. The 350pages stock photo library also helps users to spice up their website.

Both Indigloo and 350pages allow you to create a professional quality website. However, Indigloo takes the lead with more number of features available for free account holders.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

Mayank is a Mass Communications graduate who has been using his training and experience to increase the mass appeal of websites. He is also a regular contributor of reviews and articles in the field of website design and search engine optimisation.

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  1. Hiya,
    I notice that you guys haven’t included my favourate website builder, in your list.
    It is more of a busisiness service, but it has some really cool desiger features.
    I have a few sites with them – let me know if you want a review

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