Insert a Translator in your WebStarts Website

Adding another feather to its already full cap, WebStarts has introduced the integration of a free translator widget into user websites. To capitalize on the true potential of the online community, it is essential to provide content in different languages. Translator widgets will allow website administrators to increase their user traffic and provide content in relevant languages.

How to Embed a Website Translator

Users need to follow the steps given below to embed a website translator in their WebStarts website:

  • Create a website with WebStarts, the easy web editor.
  • Look for a free website translator on any of the search engines or simply visit Yahoo, which offers the Bablefish widget for translation purposes.
  • After choosing the widget, click on the ‘add to my website’ button.
  • This would require you to provide the website’s URL.
  • This action will provide you an HTML code. Copy this code.
  • Log in to the WebStarts easy web editor.
  • Go to ‘HTML Code’ in the ‘Insert’ options. Paste the embed code in the space provided and click OK.

This will install a translator on your website. With this service, visitors to the website will be able to translate the webpage into their preferred language.

WebStarts is one of the leading free website makers. It ranks fifth in the comparison chart of website makers available online. However, the platform has introduced several exciting features and services in recent months. At this rate, the Webstarts site looks poised to enter into the top three slots in the near future.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

Mayank is a Mass Communications graduate who has been using his training and experience to increase the mass appeal of websites. He is also a regular contributor of reviews and articles in the field of website design and search engine optimisation.

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