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What are the issues that a new owner of a website stay always concerned of? List can be longer but one thing is certain that the look of the page would be one of the major issues. Even using the free website builder the newbie may always feel confused and shaky what to use and what not. So a good builder must have clearly stated to its users about the scope. With Square Space, the understanding would become clearer. If you sign up with the reputed website builder and go to the administration section you will find a tab- ‘structure and style’. And under that tab, there lies sea of possibilities for the novice designer.

The Structure & Style tab lets you to organize the site as well as handling its appearance. Options are so well organized that only following labels of button should do. As for example, under architecture, you will find options to remove default elements. You may not need the search bar or RSS link. You can also add other widgets including a new text or HTML block, a link list. Under the same tab there is a appearance menu that will let you pick a new pre-designed layout.

Well that does not mean that you should stick to their formats only. You can also import your own style or create an entirely new one. The Structure & Style tab also gives access to domain mapping, so you can use an existing Web URL you already own. You can also rename any URL within your Squarespace site to make it easier to navigate.

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