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Web pages are no longer in the simplest form as they were in the first places. Functionality and complexity both are increasing and so does the chance of potential error. Of course error-handling facilities also grew up but still there are lots of web pages riddled with errors. Today’s Web pages range in complexity, and therefore span a corresponding set of potential errors. So you must be familiar with error-handling techniques that are useful for the Web to own a error free web page.

The basic
The simplest Web pages are pure HTML and nothing more than that. They only contain HTML tags with corresponding text, image and audio content. Many HTML tags include attributes that reference separate files, leading to common errors of omission where the referenced file does not exist at the indicated location. The good thing about pure HTML pages is that errors can’t be unseen. Since style sheets are HTML element-based rules for controlling how HTML content is rendered on the web pages, potential cascading style sheet (CSS) errors are similar to those for HTML. Syntax problems and distorted presentation issues due to developers misinterpreting the technical documentation. Dynamic HTML (DHTML), and is created by invoking a combination of CSS and HTML in script. The expanded interactive functionality in DHTML presents a more challenging set of new presentation issues to sort out than getting the syntax right.

Check and re-check
Errors are unusually introduced when you think you know how something works, but you really don’t. Theoretically, conducting a thorough code review either by you or someone else will find all errors. But it’s possible that even the most thorough code review will miss some logic errors. So you can understand quite well how much attention does the error-handling require.

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