Know about the video file formats for your website

Any website that means business, think of putting videos on their website. The video maybe an online presentation about the product or service that the site is offering; or maybe it is a relevant one that is supposed to attract more and more visitors to your site. So if you are already thinking of having video files on your site and order the designer accordingly, then why don’t you do some home works on the technical terms?

Videos used on a website can be found in three types. First type is file format that holds mp4 or flv extensions. Second one is video format with mpeg4 extension. And the third one is player type that needs flash to run. Not all type of video work on everything. Browsers have their own styles to detect and play a video. As for example, firefox can’t detect files with mp4 extensions and apple capsules can’t run flv files.

To identify exactly, the video format is the touch of compression that’s used on the video footage. If your original video file is huge in weight then you have to compress it before putting it on the web. Your video conversion software will likely ask you what bitrate you want to use. The bitrate is simply a measure of how much information goes into your video file. The higher the bitrate, the more information will go into the converted file, and the higher the video quality you’ll get. But the higher the bitrate, the more space the file will take up and more time to load your site.

So before going to put a video on the site, do some research on your original footage and the desired bitrate.

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