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Everyone has to turn to SEO to do something effective in getting traffic. Actually anyone planning to have a website for business purpose need to think of handling SEO even before start building a page. If you want to get visitors, you’ll need to make sure they find you. And since most people will use a search engine to look for websites, it’s of vital importance to think beyond your paragraphs and to ensure all your page text is optimized for search engines, including hidden text like meta tags, together with your page titles and headings. Now should you take all the responsibility to do these SEO things for your site or there is someone who can assist? Yes, there are. Doomby, the web builder has something to offer in this field.

Doomby is always thinking to do more for its users. Recently,they have looked at the role played by keyword selection and on-page keyword density when you make a website, but there’s more to optimizing a website than simply writing some interesting, keyword-rich content. With Doomby you could put your desired keywords on every page and the feature was very simple to start. The basic guideline is also illustrated very clearly. To better optimize your website and target traffic, you have to choose page titles that are relevant to their content. This makes them more meaningful to search engines and, much more importantly, to potential visitors. A multi-page website should have different page titles for each page, reflecting the specific content of that page.

Doomby can take this further by adding unique meta descriptions for our website, and for each page. Search engines can use this description to provide a brief summary of page contents in search results. Adding a unique description, tailored to the content of each page, is a further opportunity to sell your webpage to potential visitors via search engine results, as well as a means of including additional, relevant search terms on your page.

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