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EzWeb123, the free website maker, has overhauled its easy web editor to provide better web publishing services to its customers. Exploring the money making possibilities with the internet, a majority of the upgrades are focussed on ecommerce applications for the EzWeb123 websites owned by individuals and businesses.

New Features for EzWeb123 Customers

According to the official blog, the company has integrated a range of ecommerce features to the web publishing platform. These features allow users to add ecommerce applications in a user-friendly environment. Shopping cart software is one of the major upgrades from EzWeb123. With this feature, users can develop extensive ecommerce stores to sell products or services online. This is particularly beneficial for business customers of the EzWeb123.

To utilize the shopping cart application, users first need to create a website with EzWeb123. After this, you need to go to the easy web editor section and activate the application on your website. Once it is active, users can add products/services, features, prices and shipping details to the application. This will help users make informed decision. They can integrate online transaction tools to allow customer to pay through their credit cards or PayPal accounts.

This is a modest beginning from EzWeb123 to expand its customer base in the highly competitive free website maker industry. However, ecommerce services are hosted by other free website makers as well. EzWeb123 will need to add a differentiator in its approach towards ecommerce services to stay ahead in the competition.

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