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Is there anyone in this cyber world that much poor to be ignorant about facebook or twitter? I don’t think so. These social networks have effected the modern era in many ways. We had chance to be with one another even in this mechanical busy life. After an exhausting day just logging to a social network site let you know all daily activities of your friends. Some people are more addictive to check the sites even when they are working. Now if you have your own web page, an idea may sound better to you.

You want the publicity of your web page, right? Who does not? Whether it is business site or academic, traffics are something you will die to achieve. Now if you have facebook account with one thousand friends then why don’t you think of connecting your web site to facebook? If you have also accounts in twitter, my space or other networks, think same. This connection may socialize your web site and inform more people about your site contents. So it’s no wonder that adding up these social networks to own web page has become a popular fashion.

Maybe you have already worked on your eyebrow to express that how can that be made possible? So, you are not that techi-man who finds comfort in exploring newer methods of technologies. For people like you there are numbers of web builder service providers offering to do that on behalf of you. Some services are just matters of dragging and dropping. We can take the famous service provider Square Space as an example. Their  brand new social widgets allow to aggregate social accounts from across the web and  integrate them on Squarespace created site. Squarespace’s social widgets gives the flexibility to display social activities with style. Their Flickr widget allows to show off Flickr photos in style. It is possible to stay connected to site’s visitors with a constantly updated, customizable, full-featured Twitter widget. Interface can be chosen by the users. To know more about the service provider, try this link:

Author: Ahmed Habib

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