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Once only medium of entertainment has now become the tool to earn. Yes, I am talking about the web world. Websites are now people’s tool, thanks to free website builders and they can be used for a wide range of purpose, from small business to data storage. If you are not the type to do business calculations and forecast, even though you have some tools to draw some revenue using your website. Among these tools, perhaps the most popular one is adsense tool by google. Just use your site as a billboard and watch the money coming. And if you are doing real business with your site then the tool will be supplementary to regular income.

Weebly, the famous free website builder, has introduced integration with Google’s AdSense that will allow its users to easily monetize their pages. The interesting thing with free web builders is you don’t have to know anything, you will eventually learn while going through their process. All drag and drop options with definite guidelines would not let you being ignorant. Of course, you will have to a valid account with adsense. Weebly’s AdSense integration is sure to be a hit with people looking to quickly monetize their sites with as little hassle as possible.

And to add the tool, just go through some simple process. After selecting a desired ad size, users can place their AdSense widget by simply dragging onto their page in the Weebly editor. From there they can modify its appearance without having to muck with CSS or HTML. All the users can do for their host is to split revenues 50/50 with them. Weebly’s new Pro accounts introduce new features like embedded audio, increase file size limits, and the ability to customize or remove the Weebly footer. A year costs around $60, while users who sign up for two years will get a discount.

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