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Do not get confused with the title. Of course you are not going to own a web site just with your imagination. It means something deeper; trying to appeal to your artistic intuitions. As one of the greatest scientists Einstein had also placed imagination above all techniques then why will we run after technical skills only? That’s right, the main element before creating anything is imagination. We can also do some practice with it even before creating a web page of own.

What do I need?

First, we are assuming that you have enough time for building a site with creative passion. If that is the prevailing truth then you need not keep yourself busy with learning HTML and java scripting codes. That is necessary but not in the first stage. At beginning, the simple tools that can help are pencil and piece of papers. Try to draw the face of your web page. Find the place for the title and all other settings. Concentrate on the composition of all those elements so that together they make sense. When you are done with the layout, probably yo will have some rectangles and circles on the paper. Now next thing to do is make a list of contents. Try to figure out exact contents that you are going to put on the web page. After finishing the list you may think of restructuring the layout to suit your contents.

Completing paperwork

Now even before you move to open the computer, do some other jobs using the same tools as you have already used. Plan the whole sites into different pages. For each pages draw some rectangles and in every shape do the basic drawings with your imagination of course. With each button designed, draw lines linking them to the relevant pages. When you are done with the paperwork, go for opening the computer, choose a software like Dream weaver or Flash and see how your imagination-created layout help you continuing.

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