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Owning and publishing websites is only the first step of your internet business. It will all end up in vain if you cannot plan a good marketing strategies for these websites. You must attract visitors and stimulating traffic to the website continuously. You will have to make sure that a prospective client can find your site in the process of looking for goods or service providers in the Internet. So it’s better to have a good idea on marketing process through online.

First, you should make sure the name of your organization appears in a unique fashion on the web that demands to be remembered. And other than the logo form, the name must be in the text form that will increases the possibility of the site being found when someone types your organization’s name into a search engine. Learn about the most used keywords on the web and try to put those on the pages of your sites.

Second, find some organizations on the web that are similar to yours, and see the link sets. Then that would give you ideas about connecting addresses. You may follow the same linking methods or the pattern to submit your links. The more sites that link to your web site, the greater your chance to be found by searching.

Third, you can try listing your website address in every email signature. Whether they are personal or business mail, links would travel all around the globe with those mails. Moreover, you can find people to post your links on different forums or blogs with an introductory article. Without the introduction the links may not draw necessary attentions of the visitors.

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