Making your own web, connected with database

A dynamic web page is usually connected with a database through which it can store data of all the users. Any professional looking web page contain that option. If you are interested to build up your won web page and create a connection with the database, this article will provide you the basic conception about the task.

The idea of a database-connected web page is to allow the content of the site to reside in a database. It will also need the content to be dynamically pulled from the database and create web pages for visitors to view with a regular web browser. So if you take it as a system, then visitors are on one end of it and contents are on the other. The visitors use a Web browser to load your page and expect to view a standard HTML web page. Contents sit in one or more tables in a MySQL database that only understands how to respond to SQL commands.

The PHP scripting language is the tool to connect between database and the web page users. It processes the request made upon the page and brings the data from the MySQL database. Then, the language spits it out dynamically as the formatted HTML page that the browser can read. The PHP script stores the content into one or more PHP variables, and then uses the now-familiar echo function to output the content as part of the Web page.

With a little practice you can have a good command on writing PHP codes as well as managing database.

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