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Maintaining a website is like telling your customers that you are alive. After all, a dead web site can’t change itself and remains boringly steady. If people don’t find your website appealing and dynamic they certainly won’t be back for more. Having a beautiful website is not all, maintaining is the continuous and incomparable process to keep it’s beauty alluring. Customers don’t keep visiting the same beautiful website unless there’s something to see. Are you ready to maintain your web site in proper way?

Contents are unique element of a site. Refresh your website with new content on regular basis. Daily is best but weekly can do. Post new entries that will capture visitor’s attention and result in comments and visits. Your site’s graphics and functions need to work on all browsers. So don’t forget to check your site indifferent browsers– on both Mac and PC versions. You need to check for broken links regularly. Because you can’t control which sites you link to, you need to check if they still exist – or when your link to a specific page on another site it’s still relevant.

Do not afraid to encourage criticism and feedback form your visitors. And if someone leaves a comment or sends you an email, respond quickly. This interactivity paves the way for greater communication and increased traffic. It’s also important to monitor your website analytics regularly. Are people leaving comments, sending you emails or attending your advertised events. Are they, ultimately, buying your product? After having the stats take prompt action to make up the gaps.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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