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A meta tag is an HTML (hypertext markup language) code embedded on a Web page that is used by the website owner to identify the site content. Meta tags are powerful tools because they have a direct effect on the frequency with which many search engines will find a website. Meta tags have been the subject of trademark lawsuits, because companies have used them to divert or confuse consumers. This use can result in a successful trademark infringement lawsuit, leading to an award of financial damages and, in some cases, attorneys’ fees. So if you are planning to use meta tags on your site you will need some assistance.

This assistance can come from website builders. Weebly, one of the renowned website builders can give you good company while deciding about the use of meta tags. One of the top features of Weebly has been the support of Meta Tags, including Meta Description and Meta Keywords. This exclusive release allows you to edit your description and keywords tags. It also allows you to specify code that will be included at the bottom of all of your pages. A common use for this is to include code for statistics services . These can all be found in their setting options.

In the settings tab of your Weebly account, you will find an “SEO” button which will allow you to add meta tags. You may enter a meta description as well as meta keywords for your site. Meta tags do not affect the appearance of a website and are not visible when you look at a Web page, but they provide information regarding the content of the site.

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